It’s been almost two years since I haven’t travelled to another country. I’m not lying, I REALLY MISS IT. No worries, I am patiently waiting for that time to come.

Talk about travelling abroad. There is one destination in Asia that I really wish to visit. What is it? It’s Hong Kong. I saw a lot of my friends posting stunning architecture, food, and street shots were taken while they were there. However, I kept on delaying my trip there and went somewhere instead.

In 2019, I finally visited this region, unexpectedly (OMG, I MISS TRAVELLING!). Though it was just for a very short visit, at least I got the essence of how Hong Kong looks like (after the trip, I’m pretty sure that I’ll definitely visit Hong Kong again in the future). I was there to discover one of the latest hot spots in Hong Kong, which is K11 MUSEA.

I know most of us are unable to travel internationally due to the current pandemic situation. Don’t worry. You can read this article first & save it for your future reference… when we can travel around again.

 What is K11 Musea? 

Located in the heart of Hong Kong’s Victoria Dockside, K11 MUSEA is not considered just as a shopping mall but more like a cultural retail destination. It offers a different experience for the visitors from inspiration, discovery, and edutainment just like what its founder, Mr. Adrian Cheng, wishes to achieve which is to enrich the everyday life of the modern consumer through creativity, culture, and innovation.

Being part of Victoria Dockside (Hong Kong’s famous spots), K11 MUSEA is considered as a Silicon Valley of Culture as its founder, Adrian Cheng, aims to provide a greater opportunity for around 100 creative artists in and outside of Hong Kong who came from various disciplines and cultures such as art, architecture, design, and sustainability to showcase their artworks and gain wider exposure among the public. He believed that these can be experienced in a new consumer’s daily life.

Basically, those who visit this place will not only have a shopping experience but can also do different activities like appreciating the artworks that have been placed around the complex and more.

I followed several tours (some of them are FREE) organized by them to get to know better about K11 MUSEA. So, let me bring you around and see what this place has to offer.

For shopaholics, you can find almost everything you need here from high-end to local brands. I’ve heard that some shops even have their own elevator/lift for their VIP customers. If you’re like me, who rarely shop at the shopping mall when travelling, don’t worry because there are plenty of things to do here that don’t need you to break your wallet. For instance, joining the free tour organized by K11 MUSEA.

They are hosting a number of tours from free to paid ones, which cover different themes such as architecture, art, nature, and more. During my visit, I had the opportunity to join two tours (architecture and art) and I tell you, it was a fascinating and insightful one.

Just imagine yourself walking in an area filled with so many unique features but you just have no idea what it is all about. You’ll get the same exact feeling when you decide to walk around K11 MUSEA by yourself instead of joining the tours. For your information, the tours can be conducted in English.

 Architecture Tour 

The first one focused on the architectural features of K11 MUSEA. The tour guide explained briefly the main ideas of why K11 MUSEA was built. She brought me to some of the spots to enjoy the complex’s interesting features such as the exterior of its building named the Façade, which is designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates (KPF) and from a rare Portuguese limestone.

Another thing that really caught my attention was the entrance of this complex. Visitors will be greeted by a unique pattern inspired by the prosperity of the Silk Road. The stunning sunlight passing through the geometric pattern makes this space more Instagrammable.

Moving forward inside the complex, there is the Opera Theatre (grand atrium). For me, this is one of the most amazing features that K11 MUSEA has. It is made up of aluminum panels, hand-painted by local craftsman William Lam and LAAB. Be sure to marvel at the Escalating Climbers, Oculus, and The Gold Ball.

For those with kids or who just want to be a kid again, check Donut Playhouse. There are several things to try here including the 3-story high sculptural slide and more interactive games. Besides that, you can also check out Peacock Playground, a lively and colorful attraction for children to enjoy some of the cool attractions like jumping pads and a water play area.

 Art & Furniture Tour 

Moving forward, the second tour focused more on the art and design elements. In this part, I personally feel like walking in an art exhibition complex. There are so many highlights actually but I won’t list all of them here. Otherwise, this post is going to be a lengthy one. One of them is the Danish Modernist furniture that is showcased inside the complex. I have learned that most of the pieces are from Mr. Adrian Cheng’s personal collections. The furniture is for display purposes only. However, they made a replica version (almost similar to the original one) for visitors to try its functionality.

Another thing that really caught my attention was the lift designs. They put some residence elements on the lift waiting area to make visitors feel more comfortable and homey while waiting for the lift. Each floor has a distinctive design. Another unique thing is the button is placed not on the common area but instead on one of the designs, which is the book. It took me a while to look for it when I used the lift for the first time. Smart move, K11 MUSEA team.

Not to forget, art enthusiasts will be amazed by the artworks exhibited at K11 MUSEA. I really love the idea and effort of giving a platform for over 40 leading international and local artists to showcase their masterpieces. Some of the artworks are Parrots of Five Colours by Zhang Enli, Big Big Company (Mini Golf) by Samson Young, Van Gogh’s Ear by Elmgreen & Dragset, Ronnie Rabbits Delusion by Ron English, and Untitled by Katharina Grosse.

Other services and facilities provided include a nursery room, disable facilities, mobile phone charger, ticketing, free Wi-Fi Internet access, and more. There are even water dispensers on different floors. They provide free and clean drinking water and advanced multi-stage filtration that complies with top international building standards.

My visit to Hong Kong and experience at K11 MUSEA was nothing short of amazing. How I wish I could extend more days there. Positively, I’m taking this as a reason for me to visit Hong Kong again in the future.

What makes me even more reluctant to leave Hong Kong is the place that I’ve stayed while I was there. I stayed at K11 Artus and I’m not gonna lie, it is one of the best (and most luxurious) stays I have ever had throughout my travelling journeys.

K11 Artus is considered an artisanal home and this is clearly seen when I walked around its public spaces, which are adorned with traditional Chinese artisanal objects selected by the founder himself and his team. I have learned that it is to make every guest feel like staying in a modern home but still have the opportunity to taste the traditional elements.

My room was complete with all the things I needed from bathing essentials, entertainment, kitchen utilities, and a comfortable bed overlooking the breathtaking Hong Kong skyline view. Another plus point is that guests can order their food from the selected restaurants or cafés at K11 MUSEA directly from the smart TV. How cool is that?

Well, there are more things to show about K11 MUSEA actually. Watch the video below if you wish to see more, okay?

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