Have you ever wondered what are the most powerful passports in this world?

I always get myself imagining how amazing it is to possess a passport that has long list of visa-free countries. You know, applying visa isn't (never be) the best part about travelling. It can be a quite complicated process to go through.

Recently, Passport Index has released the Global Passport Power Rank 2017 with Singapore sitting on top of the list making it as the most powerful passport after Paraguay abolished the restrictions for this Lion City's citizen. On top of that, this is the first time that Asian country has the most powerful passport.

NOTE: Powerful, here, referring to the passport that allows its citizen to travel the countries without visa.

List of top 10 world's most powerful passports

1. Singapore

Visa-free score: 159 

2. Germany 

Visa-free score: 158 

3. Sweden & South Korea

Visa-free score: 157 

4. Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan and United Kingdom

Visa-free score: 156 

5. Luxembourg , Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Portugal

Visa-free score: 155 

6. Malaysia, Ireland, USA and Canada

Visa-free score: 154

7. Greece, New Zealand, Australia

Visa-free score: 153

8. Malta, Czechia, Iceland

Visa-free score: 152

9. Hungary 

Visa-free score: 150

10. Slovenia, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia

Visa-free score: 149

Passport Index ranks passports globally based on the cross-border access a holder has, developed by Arton Capital, a Canada-based global consultancy.