Do you have a travel bucket list? 

If not, I believe you probably should have one by now. It helps to inspire and motivate us to work hard in order to achieve what we desire in life. I indulge my passion in travelling, which I always step out to discover foreign countries and gain new unforgettable experiences because the world is huge and made for us to explore.

From an adrenaline pumping to relaxing walk activities, here I have an ultimate list of places and things that I wish to do and I highly need your help to suggest me where I should stay. Well, this is your time to help me out!

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Here are my wish lists: 

1. Try Zip Line and be adventurous at Palawan Island (Puerto Princesa, Philippines)

I love anything that involves nature and adventure. 

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Zipline activity at Palawan Island has long been one of the items in my bucket list. There are varieties of ziplines in this island and each one of them offers breathtaking views of the forests and mountains while soaring over the ocean. Surely going to be an amazing experience!

2. Trekking at SaPa Valley (Vietnam)

Sapa is home to Vietnam’s highest peak, which stands 3143m above sea level and famous for its natural wonders making it as one of the reasons trekkers flocking to this majestic land.

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I certainly excited to trek on the path that is full of surprises. I can imagine passing through local settlements, giving up a bright smile to them and treating my eyes with the views along the way.

3. Explore the Unique Tribe at Karen Long Neck Village (Chiang Mai, Thailand)

I first discovered this beautiful gem when I was watching one of the documentaries on TV showcasing the beauty of the Karen tribe that is best recognized for their elongated necks in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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I have in mind that this is going to be one of my most exotic experiences on the planet, sitting close with them and understand their histories. 

4. Take A Step Along The Iconic Great Wall of China (Beijing, China)

Taking a step to this one of world’s most famous iconic landmarks is certainly everyone’s dream. If I had a chance to visit China, the place that I would like to visit is Beijing, where The Great Wall of China is located. 

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Being the country’s greatest engineering triumph, it holds significant histories to be unfolded. I’m sure the experience of walking across the Great Wall of China while admiring its inherent beauty is just one of those remarkable travel moments everyone should do at least once in life.

5. Enjoy mesmerizing views of Bagan on a Hot Air Balloon (Bagan, Myanmar)

Though I have fear over height, taking a hot air balloon ride is definitely worth to risk myself and take the challenge.

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Bagan is an ancient city that is blessed with strong histories and gorgeous landscape and that is why most travellers coming here and opt for the hot air balloon ride. I wish to fly above the sky while witnessing a glorious sunrise over the plains of Bagan and its ancient temples with ballooons dotted over the horizon. One fine day, Bagan I will come for you!

You have got the list! 

Now, I need your help to suggest me the best accommodation to stay based on places and activities listed above. Surprise me, will ya?

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