TEMPAT-TEMPAT MENARIK DI VISAKHAPATNAM | Have you ever thought of entering a real submarine to feel the atmosphere inside it? No, I don't but finally berpeluang juga untuk masuk kapal submarine ni. Tour yang mengambil sekitar 45 minit ini bakal membuka mata kita semua bahawa kehidupan mereka yang 'tinggal' di dalam submarine ini memang mencabar. Jom teruskan membaca untuk tahu pengalaman aku!

Selepas melawat tarikan lain di Visakhapatnam, pihak tourism decide untuk bawa kami semua ke Submarine Museum dimana ianya antara tarikan menarik yang tak rugi kalau pelancong luar datang ke sini dan tengok Submarine Museum ini sendiri. 

Kedudukannya yang begitu menarik, iaitu di tepi pantai juga memudahkan pengunjung dari luar (especially yang tidak familiar dengan road di Visakhapatnam) untuk visit museum ini kerana lokasinya yang begitu strategik in which it is close to few main attractions in Vizaq - Visakha Museum, Simachalan Temple and more

Look for this giant sign
I just love the wave sound and view here


It is first of its kind in the whole South Asia. This submarine which is well known as Kursura is a Soviet built class submarine and telah diperkenalkan kepada Indian Navy pada 18 Disember 1969. Submarine ini juga complete dengan pakej senjata yang begitu menakjubkan terletak di tepi pantai Ramakrishna Beach Road. 

The length for this submarine is 91.3 m while the breadth is 8.00 m. The process to place this submarine took almost 18 months and cost approximately 55 million. Phew! What a huge number and this is why you should come to Vizag and visit this spectacular submarine museum. Its been introduced by the chief minister of Andra Pradesh on 9 August 2002 and open to public starting from 24 August 2002 which is 13 years already.

Took my chance to have a picture with the background of Ramakrishna Mission Beach
My own selfie shot right in front of the submarine museum
the main entrance to the world of submarine
I just entered the first phase of the submarine
One of the retired naval personnel is giving a brief explanation to the visitors

Nak tengok apa yang ada dekat dalam submarine ni? 
Their bed - very limited in space. Can you imagine?
Cafe - where they had their meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
Wash space
Other components in this submarine

The pictures above are only some part of the submarine. I'm not posting all the pictures because I personally wanted all of you to come over Visakhapatnam via AirAsia (Three times a week flight) and experience this journey on your own. Remember, picture is not enough to bring you into the real atmosphere. 

Ruang dalam submarine ini memang agak sempit. Tak boleh bayangkan how they survive hidup dalam ni. Bayangkan, all the 11 visitors masuk dalam at one time pun dah rasa sangat sempit but it was a good experience though!

The naval personnel who also works as tour guide around the submarine
Sheela is interviewing the retired naval personnel about his experience working in the submarine
My favourite view around the submarine museum
This our group photo right after we went out from the amazing submarine

Location Submarine Museum via Google Map


Entry Fee
Adult - Rs. 40-00
Children - Rs. 20-00
For Camera - Rs 50-00
For Video Camera - Rs 200-00

Operation Hours
2.00 PM to 9.00 PM
(Tuesday to Sunday)


To find out more about the attractions in Visakhapatnam, 
kindly visit their OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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