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Social media is one of the powerful ‘weapons’ that people use to communicate, obtain/disseminating information and express feelings or thoughts. Teenagers are granted the right to use social media and they have the power to publish everything they want via Facebook, Twitter, Blog and more. In a so-called advanced-technology era, seems like social media has becoming a prominent part of life especially young adults. 

 The culture among young generations is changing after the existence of smartphone and various social medias. They tend to spend most of their times with phone and exposing themselves on the Internet which is considered as unwelcomed scenario. One of the obvious effect of social media is it is causing moral decay among Muslim teenagers in Malaysia.

Nowadays, most Muslim teenagers in Malaysia are not only improperly dressed up but they also behave in rude ways. Seems like they have forgotten the culture and ethics of being a good Muslim. A girl, who previously known as someone who speaks with manner and now most of them are using vulgar words and involved with immoral activities such as smoking, illegal sex intercourse, clubbing and more. The same thing goes to the boy, who is going to be the leader of his family, now most of them involved with drug addict, rape and other crimes.

These things happened because of the various influences from western cultures that the young generations absorb through social media. For instance, the lifestyle of western teenagers, the reality programs trying to portray that such action (bad) is acceptable in society.

In my opinion, the main factors of this problem are devoid of Islamic values and teenagers are exposed to many unhealthy cultures from outside of our country through social media. I truly believe that the society nowadays are concerned with scenario of our young generation. Therefore, we should bring back moral values in our life, start to practice it individually to be a better person. Young generations also should avoid themselves from being influence by western cultures. They need to strengthen ethical practice in their life to be a credible future leader for Malaysia.

Are we really free from the external influences? Think about it.

A precise example of our current situation among young generations

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Mohd Shahril Fawzy 


  1. Good write up Pojie!! keep it up!!!

  2. Social media now days are becoming necessities. There are pros and cons in everything including social media as well. It is our responsibility to be aware and strengthen of our moral values as to be an example to others, perhaps. Good write up to ponder about Pojie,.. cheers.. :)

  3. Love this article! :D Thanks Pojie!

    I really agree that we are exposed to all western cultures and lifestyle. But, we can't blame everything to them. Most teenagers nowadays may argue why they can't live with the lifestyle of people in Europe etc. I guess maybe we are lacking of Islamic teaching by heart as we only learnt them to pass the exam.

    Honestly, it's a challenge to live with European non-Muslim community. They are really good with education, etiquette, time management. etc although they may not have any religions to hold on to.

    Just my humble opinion :)

  4. smua terletak pd jari kita skrg.. jika kita cari yg baik maka baiklah ia.. jika buruk maka buruklah..