Kalau datang Bangkok, mesti semua orang fikir pasal shopping sebab most places kat sini jual barang murah especially baju. When it comes to food, pun ada juga makanan-makanan yang best and halal. Siapa la tak suka makanan ala Thai kan? Even dekat Malaysia pun merata tempat ada restoran Thai.

In previous entries, we're talking about awesome places to visit for sightseeing and shopping. This time kita selami pengalaman dinner on mini cruise. Dengar kata ramai orang tak berkenan having dinner on mini cruise sebab boleh pening and tak selesa. Betul ke apa yang diorang cakap? Jom kita tengok.

If you're looking for something related to Thai cuisines and cultures, Wan Fah is the best package that you can choose and experience along your travel journey. In addition, if you're a person yang tak makan banyak sangat, this is the right choice sebab diorang serve ala carte instead of buffet-makan-sampai-perut-pecah. Perjalanan diambil sekitar dua jam from 18:00 to 21:00.

Teaser kapal Wan Fah yang bakal dinaik sebentar lagi. Dalam gambar tu kita boleh nampak kitchen and chef tengah busy buat persiapan (i guess)

Sesuai untuk dinner berkonsepkan romantik, santai untuk menenangkan fikiran. Amazing and breathtaking views during night.

There are only few tables available since its a mini cruise. Therefore, seats are limited. Siapa cepat dia dapat. 

Simple table set and decoration. Tak serabut. Just nice.

We were welcomed by the way the staffs treated us. They're friendly and polite.

Okay, tell me where are the foods? I can literally feel the butterflies in my stomach now. 

Above are the menu if you choose to be served with Seafood Set Menu. Dia ada dua pilihan menu yang kita boleh pilih. Both memang halal but it is safe to pick seafood la. Just in case. 

Tiga makanan di atas tu were my favorite foods. Extremely delicious. Prawn Tomyam Soup, Grilled Giant Prawns and Fried Rice with fish.

Other menus, Vegetable Spring Rolls, Salad, Fruits and Thai Tropical Fresh Desserts which is Pulut Mangga Thai. Amazing!

Full house and betul-betul meriah. 

Look at their tiny and simple kitchen. I wonder how they work inside there preparing foods for the peoples.

Selain daripada menikmati makanan yang sememangnya sedap, korang juga boleh enjoy view yang menarik. Along the way nanti korang boleh nampak Grand Palace, Wat Arun and other temples and macam-macam lagi. 

Below are some of the photos

Not only having a chance to see beautiful views, but you'll also be entertained by Thai cultural music and dance to make the environment more alive.

One of my fav shot. Thai lady with her interesting music instrument

Thai dance performed by beautiful dancers. Prepare yourself as you'll be one of the peoples asked to join the dance. Simple steps and too bad i'm such a disaster when it comes to dancing. Pardon me. No dancing. HAHA

Aaaaaah. That's my photo with the lady. Sekeping ni quite mahal dalam RM25 but since my expression dalam gambar tu is pretty convincing, then i finally grabbed it. Thank you for this! ;)

Sebenarnya, apa yang orang lain kata kononnya dinner ala-ala macam tu tak best sebab pening and sebagainya tidaklah benar. I enjoyed along the night! It was an awesome experience and good foods though. 

Nak tahu more pasal Wan Fah? 


18:00 - Check in dekat River City (If you go by your driver, they will help you to check in).

19:00 - Depart at River City pier where you can take a little time to enjoy good views and scenic sunset while waiting for the mini cruise ready and enjoy your dinner.

21:00 - You'll arrive back at the River City pier and done!

How about the price? 
Its THB 1,200 or MYR 120 / Nett 

This would be the route map during your dinner

For more information, you can simply search for Wan Fah on the Internet and choose the best package (There are different offers from different agent)