Siapa yang rasa taknak datang Bangkok tu adalah something yang dianggap sungguh merugikan. Bukan apa, sebab the foods and barang-barang sini macam-macam boleh dapat. Especially orang muda, banyak clothes yang rare yang boleh dijumpai dekat Chatuchak Market

Antara hotel yang menjadi pilihan orang ramai yang datang dari pelbagai negara ialah Le Méridien, Bangkok (Especially kepada yang mencari ketenangan, keselesaan dan untuk santai bersama dengan tersayang). Kalau nak honeymoon, this is not really a suitable place for you to stay because it is situated in the centre of Bangkok city - no beach, not many green plants for sure. But if you love to shop and food hunting, then it is the right place to go. 


Terletak di tengah-tengah daerah Silom berdekatan dengan Pasar Malam Patpong dan tarikan hiburan yang lain. Jangan risau pasal transport, area Patpong ni public transport memang extra convenient untuk foreign tourist ke sana dan ke sini. 


Beautiful futuristic exterior design


Lobby and Check in counter (Just love its minimalist design)

Hidangan sementara menunggu barang - kebetulan bar kena pakai for wedding, so they temporarily moved dekat area check in counter. 

Night view of the lobby - Full of lights


Le Méridien ada 282 rooms (guestrooms and suites) with amazing and colorful designs and views around Silom area. What i love about Le Méridien is that, their room is completely simple with such minimalist design. You know the western says, less is more. 

Extremely comfy bed ever

Table for you to do your work and mini meeting (only for two). 

The placement of a big book shelf right in front of room's entrance

Too lazy to go out? You can make your own coffee with their coffee maker and simply enjoy resting

Plenty of space with comfy coach by the view from window, coffee table and 42 inch flatscreen TV. What else are the reason to not stay in the room? 

They only applied red, brown, white and black color which it makes the design more sleek-looking and intelligent. 

There is another TV facing the bed - you can even watch TV while on bed. 

Design kerusi ni buat rasa macam nak bawa balik je kerusi ni. Memang selesa.

This might be the view from your room - if you're lucky, then you'll get this view. Boleh nampak temple and shopping mall.


Nothing much for me to say about its bathroom. By looking to those photos above, korang mesti boleh imagine how it feels bila mandi dengan environment macam tu. Jangan sampai tak keluar-keluar dari bilik mandi sudah la. Hehehe


You know what? Le Méridien is one of the hotels under SPG yang serve great and delicious foods - western and eastern foods for sure! Amazing


If you don't feel like going out, head to their Bamboo Chic bar for drinks and light foods - snacks and etc. Design untuk Bamboo Chic juga cukup menakjubkan disertai dengan layanan yang cukup friendly dari bartender.

getting the #foodporn shot

High tea time from 5pm to 7 or 8pm is complimentary to platinum guess and those who stays in Suite or bigger room. Nothing much, just a good drink

Overall, it is highly recommended stay for those who are coming to Bangkok. Save up a little bit for this amazing and comfortable stay. If you're looking for more information, kindly visit their official website Le Méridien, Bangkok