To those who may concern about this.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013 Pojiegraphy Journal 0 Comments

Hello readers! We are excited with the good improvements of the technologies nowadays, we tend to forget that there are bad things happened behind it. This entry is especially to those yang concern about the value of respect towards other religion. This is not only written to a specific religion but it can be in general views.

While browsing over the internet, i saw these kind of distracting posts that asking people to make a report on these kind of accounts on Instagram. I believe there are lot of things similarly to this issue that already happened around us. 

Below are the pictures of the two accounts posting over the photos that may offends many people. 


If you truly concern about this, sign in into your Instagram account, go search for the username and please do make a report on these two accounts. As human being that comes from any religions, we have been taught to respect others' religion. So please do this. Thank you! 

Your attentions are truly appreciated.