Keep you children, little brothers/sisters safe!

Saturday, December 28, 2013 Pojiegraphy Journal 0 Comments

These days, we always been surprised by the incidents of missing kids and worst come to worst is the kids being killed. Poor them as they know nothing and the parents and family members are the people that should be responsible over this thing by keeping their eyes on the children and always guide them what's right and wrong.

Bila tengok zaman sekarang, most of the parents nowadays kurang beri perhatian kepada anak-anak sebagai contoh when they're in shopping mall, the tend to get excited to shop until they have forgotten that their children are actually with them too. Based on the studies, jumlah budak yang hilang ketika di shopping mall adalah lebih tinggi berbanding dengan yang lain. We don't want anything bad happens to them.

 Therefore, dear parents please read this and always remember this.

This might looks as a tiny thing, but i am sure that i helps each of you a little bit. 

"Kids are our most priceless gift from God, please do take care of them with all of your heart and soul."