These are few photos from me. Actually, these photos are for my previous semester's assignment. Sekarang baru berkesempatan nak share and most probably it's all about product and sebenarnya with special effects. Too bad. Mine wasn't work so well, and the result are not good as well. Luckily i've made it, even though it's not the best of all.

Subject : STEADLER (Luna Colour Pencil)

Yang kelakarnya, dalam sketches sebenarnya subject guna pensil warna Steadler, since lecturer nak batang pensil tu warna hitam so carilah jenama lain but still make it as steadler juga. LOL

Most probably, Advertising ni is all about promoting and try to attract customers and clients sebanyak yang boleh. So in Photography, we've to be very careful in certain aspects. Kalau nak buat iklan yang berbentuk pamplet, or any printed materials, read this. Maybe it help, for at least. InsyaAllah.

Bila kita nak buat satu shooting and the main aim is to promote the product,

1. We have to focus to the brand of the product you've chose. For example, the label on the product. Jangan kita shoot gambar sekadar suka but then viewers/customers/clients tak tahu apa benda yang kita cuba promote itu.

2. If product tu tak ada label or what, don't worry. You still have editing software. You can still use em to add some text on your pictures so that the viewers will get on what you try to portray. 

3. Selalu bila kita tengok any advertisements dekat luar sana, there must be come with texts right? Remember, it will help you to deliver an easy-to-understand message to the viewers. Just be very careful bila mahu tambah text or apa, jangan sampai text itu buat gambar anda nampak serabut. Focus on the text's size, colour and position as well.

Shot #1

Shot #2

Shot #3

Shot #4

Shot #5

Shot #6

Shot #7

Shot #8

Shot #9

Shot #10

Last but not least, remember to use catchy concepts. An unique and colorful props. It helps.