Greeting my dear readers. How ya doing? 
Just hope that you guys doing fine there, where ever you are. 
(Kemain cakap English bagai)

Looks, since dah tertulis dalam bahasa inggeris, jom kita bercerita something tentang bahasa inggeris. Lets back to my 12 Years Old times. Man! My heart just question up 
"Who the hell is that kid?" #OhMyEnglish

Dulu masa zaman kecik, main tembak je cakap dalam bahasa inggeris. Biasalah, membesar dengan bahasa ibunda kita. But, look. English language is just important for us lagi lagi dizaman moden lagi urban ini. So, you guys (especially kiddos out there) you guys should start conquer-ing English language by now. 

But but but perkara yang kurang sedap bila kita ni berbahasa inggeris, ada pulak pihak yang melabel kita sebagai seorang yang poyo. 

A: "Hey dude, can you help me to pass me out my phone? Thank You"
B: "Hek eleh, menggelabah la lu brader. Cakap melayu sudah"

Why must? Nah, Why don't you just answer it "Okay, i'll get it for you". Remember, it's a learning process though. 

Besides that, look at this situation as well.
Bila kita depan member-member kita, bukan main lagi petah berbahasa inggeris walaupun grammar berterabur sana-sini asal cakap bahasa inggeris dah cukup. Bila ada presentation, habis berbelit lidah nak berbahasa inggeris. LOL

Whats make us a pure MALAYSIAN is :
In any conversation we had (Certain languages), there will always come with a 'LAH'. 
For example : 'Hey, don't be like this lah. Chill lah!'

These are some tips to improve our English (Speaking, Reading and etc):

1. Lot of times to watch any programs in English Language. Do listen to every single words they pronounced.

2. Read. Like lot of times you have to spend to read any English newspapers. With that, you can slowly improve up your English especially in writing skills.

3. Do tune up to English songs. 

My promise i will never speak/write "Go straight, don't belok-belok
p/s: If there are grammar errors, pardon me. I'm also in my learning process.