Assalamualaikum readers! I promise this gonna be a short and quick update from me. Mesti korang penat asyik baca, membaca dan baca saja kan? Last two weeks i just done my floor assesstment with my Advert Photography's Lecturer, Madam Nik. Alhamdulillah. Nothing much, good compliments from both of the lecturer whom with us during that time. Thanks again. To those who got the best compliments, Congratulations!

Okay, my promise. Won't write that much for you. So enjoy the pictures that have been 'made' by me.

Above was the pictures been shortlisted by me for the assignments. But sadly, tidak berjaya menarik perhatian lecturer.

This is the one yang gonna be my favorite. Seems like menepati ciri-ciri 'Minimalist' itu. Nak tahu apa itu Minimalist Architecture Photography? Next entry i will write some for you guys. Nak share sikit-sikit.

And this is the picture that has been selected by the lecturer.

Next entry, am gonna write some tips in doing Minimalist Architecture Photography and and and What actually Minimalist Architecture Photography means. Goodnight people!

Regards, Pojiegraphy