hello readers!
its been a while hah.
last 04/05/2010

i did attend one of the most important event for teksha. for sure, they will do this event for every year which is an event of awarding the best students for past year spm.
i just can't believe that i am the one of them. sounds like proud of myself. no! seriously, i am speechless when i knew that i am the one of the students that will receive the award.
a 4 days before, i was called by one of the teachers and ask me wether i'll come to that event or not.
i was like ; "what event was it?"
a days before, i've been struggling to settle up all my works. frankly speaking, i am so tired on that time.

on that morning, i was a little bit late. my phone keep on ringing. oh, they called me and asked me where am i. i arrived at school at 8.40pm.
god!, semua org dah duduk. aku plak terkapai-kapai nak cari tempat duduk.
padan muka. >.<

i saw ema, ardlina, amalina and farah. they were my classmates.
here are some of the photos ;

ema ; "you're taller enough oh!" haha

with amal & ema

with mdm sarimah

with madam nurul hafizah.
special thanks to all the teachers that have been sacrified for our success ;)
p/s ; sadly i can meet all my classmates on that day.