You guys must be wondering who am i right now right? Nah, i mean the post. not what type of person now. Sorry friends, i hardly to tell you guys where am i now. I guess its enough by showing this picture ;

I am now more known as a person who's keep an eye on people who's reading ,

Lihatlah saya! Begitu sekema sekali. Nah, i still likes Black. Its okay la.

Try to find me, if you can do stalking on me. Do as you like!

Too bad,

since dah start menjaga orang tengah membaca. Aku hardly nak online, nak update blog pun susah. Nasib baik today aku dapat berehat sket, takpe. tak dapat cuti pun its okay, at least ada jam untuk berehat. Nak approve semua benda pun rase macam nak fikir dua kali. Tunggu la sampai aku memang bergelar sebagai penanam anggur yang berjaya. P/s ; My apologise. People must be say that i should better not to use an facebook account as i am very lazy to approve the requests. Sounds very poyoo. I'll do it very-very-very soon. No Worries.