That day, i received wall's comment from ellyn. Here's the sound of the comment "You know what i am thinking right now? Its about our school magazine. Camne la kan?" said her. I am a little bit shocked when she asked me about that thing. Yeah, we did not managed to settle up all the tasks before SPM. Sorry Mdm. There's lot of things to be touch up, but got not enough time. Sob. Well, they just can't simply turn the table on me & ellyn. We did our job very well. The most best part is, when all of us used reason "Nak pergi buat keja majalah" to skip classes. cool right? :)

This how the room looks like, Lots of papers.

Sini gak tempat budak2 menyebok singgah

Btw, here's a photo one of the covers designed by me got rejected sob (can't wait to see which cover get choosed)

Editorial team ;

ps ; thats all for today. Guys, tommorow i got my second test. WISH ME LUCK OK! you must!