Pojie with Susan & Collin

Thursday, January 07, 2010 Pojiegraphy Journal 2 Comments

wott! Korang mesti dah label aku ni sebangai seorang yang lapuk kan? Yelah, banyak betul benda yang dah lama yang aku xpatut post. ngeee
Bia ar! Aku kan dah janji nak update/post benda ni before. Kan?
So, apa salahnya aku post entry ni. Ada juga baiknya. ;]
Actually, aku sangat2 la kerinduan nak hang out dengan my members.
Sape yang tak suka jumpa/hangout dengan member kan? To my classmates, i am terribly sorry. can't meet you guys around this time now, needs to settle up everything and get myself very comfortable. Until now, i did not get any job. Even a job. GAH! i am totally wasting my time here. I need $ as well.
Back to the topic, this is my last pictures hang out with Susanna & Collin, maybe there will be more photos in 2010 with them kan? Cool! tapi entah bilanya dapat.
Susanna's currently working at Kota Kinabalu, and she keeps the secret on. She refused to tell me what's her job now. And, Collin's currently on PLKN. maybe? He got on Malacca's camp. I don't know which part.
Where's Noemi? Natalie? Amelia?
Guys, nanti aku mau jumpa kamu lagi. Sangat!

Three of us went for bowling at CP.

susan, you're so rocks! She managed to entre "Men's toilet".

likes this landscape photo.

i've no ideas with this photo. haha

this shot's very stunning.

susan & collin

macam adik beradik! gagaga


me & collin again

remember? Cock & Bull! haha


mostly i likes this photo but not susan's face. haahaa

"Mat, 1 2 3!" said susan.

collin, ur eyes!

waterfront <3

"When i am with them, i don't have to be somebody else. Ther accept me the way i am and i am very comfortable with it. Aku sayang korang semua weyh!"


  1. damn!!u really gave me a shcok man..lol..i tot dat make out as in..well..u noe..hahahha..

  2. hehe
    apa lah tajuk hang.
    best kan lepak2 ngn member