[last year eid's photo]

Yeah, aku masih belum diterima/digaji lagi so far. So, masih mempunyai kesempatan untuk menulis sesuatu dalam akuSEORANGpenagihBLOG ini. And i am so excited to share you guys something. *Winkling his eyes*.
Today(20/01/2010), My dear dad, mum and little brother Fareez will make a visit to Shah Alam. Yeah, its been so while i dind't see them before the Malaysian Educational Certificate or very well known as SPM. Nah, thats not the point. I should not re-open the SPM's page anymore.*Poyo*. Lately, i feels so missing my parents & family dekat sabah since only three of us je dekat Shah Alam. Hari-hari tengok muka masing-masing. Can't wait!
Their flight will be on 6.00pm today and will be arrive here around 8 something. Okay, pukul 7 dah sampai airport dah! SEMANGAT.