here's short synopsis about this memorable/though'est year
2009 started with January,I started this year at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah on January 2009. Which is i celebrated new year's eve there. After that, i've arrived Shah Alam, Selangor on 4th Januari 2009. For sure it must be the most saddest part when we need to leave our hometown, lovely parents and friends. I started wore uniform on 5th Januari 2009, Yeah! looks like my classmates are over excited to show their stuffs, tells their new stories and more. On 25th January 2009, Its my Dad Birthday.
What about on February 2009? Nah! nothing, just been struggled for upcoming test. 11hb February 2009, Its my 2nd brother's birthday and 14th February 2009, Its my Mom's birthday.
March? its a test month. Lots of activities at school. HOLIDAY for 1 Weeks. Nah! I am still in a relationship. April? got our test's result. OH my. a day before our 5th Month, Broke up! Lets this story become one of my 2009's memory. lots of thanks!
May? Been busy for School debates team. Frustrated. Worried about Mid Year examinations. Being school's editorial chief. Graphic designing. Which is the most stressful work that i've ever had. Last but not least, My sister's birthday.
June? Everything just fine. I've started to love Facebook! thanks for the persons who recommended it to me.
July? Struggling for upcoming SPM. lots of activities at school. Snap!snap!snap! I spent my life time most at the school.
August? Its me and my sis's birthday. me and my classmates Nur Ellina, Zuleffendy, Nurul Adlina and Farah Amira were declared as SMTSA's achievers.
September? My lil brother and brother's birthday. Fasting for almost a month.
October? Yeah, Kota Kinabalu mari! Eid celebration at my hometown. Make out with my friends there. Enjoy my Yoyo drinks, miss it. Back to Shah Alam, Selangor after 1 Weeks i spent at my hometown.
November? i think about Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia all this month. Busy with editorial, busy with activities, talks, and other's visiting. Busy to cover all the form 4 and 5 syllabus. Its so much easier okay. Nah! i am just kiddin'.
December? Yeah, ready for SPM, 16th December was the date that SPM officially ended. Done greate times after our last paper Programming and Development Tools. Look foward for driving licence, and Part time jobs. End of 2009 :(
i've been through all kinds of things along 2009, i started to understand and know what Life's about. In fact, being 17yo teenagers was not easier as i thought which has lots of problems, and lots of feelings. Besides that, i've started to know and appreciate a Friends Relationship. I started to know each of my classmates and i did it. Special relationship? nah. its too complicated for me. i am stilla a young kid. perhaps?! therefore,
I've none goals for 2009, i am just hoping that i'll get a flying colours result this end of february 2010.
Lets 2009 just be a numbers with lots of memories.
Last but not least,
p/s ; Who am i after 2009?
posted on 7:08am 31st of December 2009