Why are certain people's so damn Narrow-Minded?
you guys must be wondering why i am posting this kind of entry. My intention to write this post is not to insult other people.

this is how the story goes,
25th December 2009 well known as Chrishtmas Day which is all Roman Catholic
celebrating their day.
the thing is, Do we need to post something like "I am muslim, its a sin for me to celebrate xmas!" ? I am here not to support anyone, i am Muslim as well. Actually, we need to respect them as their respect us. You don't need to write that kind of post in a social website or a public website. I am very sure other people might get offended with that kind of post as the website is easier for other people to surf and read anything in it. Well, i am not a perfect Muslim. Sorry to say. I am also a normal human being which is i certainly done wrong.
Before we post that kind entry, we should look through ourself first.
kalau kita memang sempurna , okay then bole buat post macam tu. Its shows that you're a very good Muslim. Tapi, kalau yang siap mencarut "babi!" "fuck!" "sial!" , do we have the right to do that write that post? Ask yourself before you let peoples know about your true colour. Seperti yang aku tahu, dalam Islam, kita memang tidak dibenarkan untuk menyambut dan meraikan Hari Natal, tapi dengan niat yang bukan untuk bersuka ria, untuk menjaga hati penganut agama lain, apa salahnya kalau kita mengucapkan "Enjoy your day!" , bukan sebaliknya "I dont want to celebrate xmas, its a sin!". When we look through other religion, bila kita menyambut Hari Raya, dorang tak pernah cakap macam tu, malah dorang lagi gembira dan senang dpt menyambut Hari Kemuliaan bg orang Islam, tapi bila time untuk menyambut perayaan dorang, Kenapa kita (Orang Islam) perlu membuat statement seperti itu? Okay, if you dont want to wish other people or celebrate their festive, Don't say anything. Biar kita & Tuhan saja yang tahu. Lagipun, perbuatan seperti ini boleh merosakkan imej agama Islam sebagai agama yang menghormati dan suci.

p/s ; hightlight this, i am not Perfect!
to all my non-muslim friends, ENJOY YOUR DAY!