begitulah papan tanda yang diletak berdekatan dengan tempat kitaorg amek paper exam.
haha, percaya tak? btw, nak inform! i am no longer a boy with school uniform which is mean SPM DAH HABIS. Sepanjang exam berjalan, macam-macam berlaku. Let me explain it shortly,
1st day ; Aku memang sangat gelabah. tangan sejuk gila. tak reti dok diam. asyik fikir ape soalan yang akan keluar.
2nd day ; everything is getting cooler then before. aku dah agak biase dengan suasana di mana dikelilingi oleh budak2 yang tengah membaca nota even tengah berjalan. Bole masok otak ke? :]
3rd day ; it was my mathematics paper. Cool! i can answered all e question.
4th day ; my Pendidikan Islam paper. I thought ape yang my friend bagi topik tu sume kuar. konon2 soalan bocor. GOD! luckily its only Islamic Education paper, we can answer it based on logically matters. PAI? tak pernah dapat A. sobsob.
5th day ; it was my science paper. boleh la 50/50. As usual, i am stucked at the essay question. Fyi, the SPM question was more easier then e Trial. :D
6th day ; this was my last day and last papers! i've been waiting for this moment where 4.30pm sharp, the students will shout "WHOOOOAA!" "MERDEKA" and also burn their SPM's slip.

The things i did not expected to be happened ;
1st ; Paper PDT sangat susah tahun ni! Malang betul nasib aku!
2nd ; Someone took my money on my wallet.
3rd ; Can't celebrate the moments at school. oh my. xde feeling r!

The thing is , I AM FREE!
No need to wake up so damn early just for school and study.
No need School Uniform anymore
No need to Prepare all the school stuffs!

some random photos right after PDT paper end ;

*acap wrote something on his unif*
I am Mohd Shahril Fawzy as one of the SMTSA students would like to wish
" Thanks for everything, i'll be missing it, GOODBYE! "

p/s ; dah takde la lagi nak kacau cikgu Nurul & cikgu Hamidah.

[i'll do another posts soon, a lot of post!]