i did it. After i've done my storyboard, then its time for me to settle up the project.
well, at first its totally sucks&difficult for me as a BEGINNER.
i've explored it , explore and explore and finally i can master it.
Fyi, i am using Macromedia Director to make the project work.
its quite fun , i bet you.
its very complicated. a little bit confusing when you're going to make an interactive programming
well, nama pun Interactive. so kite kne pastikan project tu dpt berhubung dengan user.
the most important thing for this project is LINGO CODES.
if this could did not included, then your program cannot run very smoothly.

and this is the result !
finally i can run it.
Sorry, its only for display.
A big thanks to Madam Nurul Hafizah as our teacher also Miss Zura.