Its time for me to start a new lifestyle & forget all the pasts !

Sunday, April 12, 2009 Pojiegraphy Journal 7 Comments

maybe it's time for me to erase all the past thing from my mind.
well, there's a lot of thing to be settle up.
my study, my family's relationship, my lifestyle and all thing.
not just only you.
so ,
yeaah. i assume whats happened as a tutorial book for my future.
aku just xdpt percaya yang kau sempat gelak getawa ngan ur friends while keadaan aku kat sni x menentu.
ohh shit !
people can change rite?
so you are .
hmm, dah la.
aku dah xda apa2 lagi dgn masalah ni.
thanks for those who are with me when im down down and down.
because the person who i need when im fall were just useless for me.
thanks to my besties susan , ellyn , khai , helmi and haryz for the support.
now, im back.
i'll not change anything about my blog but there's a little bit changes for this blog.
and yeah.
finally i did erase YOU so that i can forget the past.
kau yang nak sume ni kan? so NAH amek kau!
im over it too.

to all the bloggers ,
welcome back bebeh!
p/s ; i miss my family


  1. from the way you expressed your feelings,I can guess that you're having a VERY BAD relationship with your girl friend. am I correct ? there's no true love while you're studying. you'll find the best girl friend when you're working. if you want to get involved in love while in secondary school too,you may ! but don't be in a SERIOUS relationship. assume her as a place for you to share problems and let her be the shoulders for you when you're upset. omg. I'm so romantic! xD

  2. HAHA, blah blah blah
    forget about it la dear aunty lin.
    eleh, kalo da romantik tu romantik r.
    kan?kan? ngee

  3. stop calling me aunty la !
    aku panggil ko abang kang,hbs meremang segala bulu yg ada ;P
    btw,cheer up okay pojie ! tamo nanes². I know you're crying every time you're landing on your bed. tapi kalau ko nak nanges gak,nangis lah. nak buat cemana kan. haha xD

  4. cesh! xde maknenyee .
    weyh, rindu kat ko laa ! :D

  5. ko rindu aku ? maseh. yeye je rindu aku. tp bila nmpk aku on mespes,bkn nk tego! ko x tego aku,aku pon tanak tego ko! werk! =p

  6. HAHA, lin aku da mls la nak gne ms tu. aku on9 bkn nye buat pape, just on9. adeeeh! if ada pape nak ckp, bru aku commenk ko laa. ngeh