maybe it's time for me to erase all the past thing from my mind.
well, there's a lot of thing to be settle up.
my study, my family's relationship, my lifestyle and all thing.
not just only you.
so ,
yeaah. i assume whats happened as a tutorial book for my future.
aku just xdpt percaya yang kau sempat gelak getawa ngan ur friends while keadaan aku kat sni x menentu.
ohh shit !
people can change rite?
so you are .
hmm, dah la.
aku dah xda apa2 lagi dgn masalah ni.
thanks for those who are with me when im down down and down.
because the person who i need when im fall were just useless for me.
thanks to my besties susan , ellyn , khai , helmi and haryz for the support.
now, im back.
i'll not change anything about my blog but there's a little bit changes for this blog.
and yeah.
finally i did erase YOU so that i can forget the past.
kau yang nak sume ni kan? so NAH amek kau!
im over it too.

to all the bloggers ,
welcome back bebeh!
p/s ; i miss my family