1.hi how are you?
im getting better than before. huh!
2.hey!you want to go to mall?
sure . i'll bring my new couple. can? can? can?
3.i love you
miss you !
4.do u want some cookies?
what kind of cookies? blah! blah!
5.can you take me a picture?
oh sure. take ours too. can? :)
6. help me in my homework
im not a good worker. haha
7. here's my gift to you
Thanks. I'll always remember you no matter what happens :)
8. let's just be textmates
no problem lorh.
9.do you want me to buy you an ipod?
no ! im not interested on it.
10.let's sit together in the bus
no. im afraid my couple will noticed it.
11.hi baby!
baby mane plak ni? . aku da besar lah!

12.you still cute ouh?
i know ! haha! thats why u can be easily replaced!

13.i still love you
we must love each other! tau lah aku.

14.can i visit your house?
for what? nak jadi maid aku ke?

15.do you love me?
bonus question. x
orang yang aku tag ;
sesape je yang nak jawab !