first day at my hometown ; kk

Thursday, November 06, 2008 Pojiegraphy Journal 1 Comments

Good Morning to ya'll. ! omg! why i bangun too early today ah? lol. i was wondering, why am i bgun too early. usually me at semenanjung always bangun lambat, eventhough got skewl. lol, but today i bgun at 5.45am, then tgk la my mom&dad,also my brothers busy prepare nk g keja,skola n etc. :)) so, after dorang da blah. i kemas cket my dusty room. ahaks. i got bsuh juga my old baju dlm almari. huhu, looks like cam xpernah kena sentuh ni. lpas tu, i online jap. chat wif my sister. tiba2 datang idea to write something for my blog. bluek. kesimpulannya, i hv a great/tired first day at kota kinabalu. yeah ! my fren did ajak me hang out this saturday, but i dunno which brief should i wear , muahahahaha!

btw, this is the look of my room ( almost a year x kena sentuh ) lol ;

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