for this year, i've been through all kind of things. Broken in Love, Frust in study. Frustrated & Confuse about life. Im started to understand about life since i was at Sekolah Menengah Teknik Shah Alam Hostel's , Ive been learned all things, how to managed your own life, how to understanding about hardship. To be honest, im so much regret that i've moved to this place (peninsular malaysia). ATTENTION to all the readers or bloggers, this is the real life that i've been through for being a teenagers. Fact, when we were a teenage, we will confuse about life. its true. now i've understand what's the meaning of life. I hope that i can share something to ya'll. to all that will meet me, please don't take about this matter when u see me. Perhaps ! I've choose the wrong journey, i should choose the journey that i've freedom. i should choose to live with my parents, rather than my siblings, because they don't even understand about teenage feeling, because they were teenage to. They still don't understand what's teenage needs, what's teenage wants, & what's teenage live for. I miss my parents so much, to be seriously, u can say whatever you want about me, i don't seems so much care about it anymore, because this is my blog. i can write anything to it. if you like to read, go on. & if you don't , get out from my blog website's.
if you were teenage, would you like being controlled by ur parents or ur sisters or might be ur brothers ?think about it carefully. For me, i can't life being controlled by my sister & brother. My mother & father never did this to me, they try to give the best for me. They give freedom to me, they know that im can think the bad or good thing. i know what im doing. Im so much bored being grounded by my sisters & brothers seriously. For your information, now im studying somewhere at shah alam. living with my sister & brother. both of them were married, & busy with their own family. im so much frustrated to be living here.can u even imagine about it?
i've read some article about teenagers ,
"Remaja akan terasa dikongkong apabila ibubapa atau orang lebih tua memberi lebih perhatian terhadap mereka dan ini juga akan mengakibatkan fenomena lari dari rumah berlaku yang mana menjadi kebimbangan kepada para masyarakat pada masa kini"
this is true, teenagers need their own space that there's nobody will disturb their life. We know that our parents or sister&brother did concerned about us, but they cannot simply do that such things without thingking about the effect. I know that many things was happen at teenagers life, ran away from home, raped, sex, stealers, & so much more.semua ini berlaku disebabkan oleh pengaruh yang kuat daripada rakan sebaya. Oleh itu , kita/saya sebagai remaja haruslah pandai memilih rakan sebaya.For me, i don't have any problem with my friends, i know how to choose a friends. means that i dont simply choose a friend by looking the way they dress up, how their lifestyle do's , or wether they are so famous or not. The things that i pay more attention is, their kindness, they don't have any problem such as smoking, and they come from what kind of family. Being a Highschool student is so much sucks, its true that its so much fun being at school. i can laugh with my friends, i can share everything with my friends.Kebanyakkan remaja yang masih bersekolah tidak sabar untuk melangkah ke alam universiti atau alam pekerjaan kerana bila mereka melangkah ke alam ini, baru lah mereka akan mengenali erti kebebasan.
everyone has their own precious & unprecious moment for sure, i also got it.i can't even forget all the thing that i've been through when i was a teenagers.We only lived for once, so use it wisely .I can't stand with this kind of lifestyle (being grounded) and it effect on my study. i can't even pay full attention on my studybecause i was so much frustrated in my life. Maybe i got a lot of story that i've been through, but i'll let it as my secret. Its my personal things. Only me & God knows about it.Please don't comment about this post. Thanks for ur time.Hopefully i can share more about my life with you all.
Take care,