Bengkel ICT - Adobe Photoshop. -Flashback

Saturday, August 23, 2008 Pojiegraphy Journal 3 Comments

1thaugust.2008 UKM, Bandar Baru Bangi. ; organised by Teksha computer programming teachers.

haha. dengar je? rasa-rasa gempak x bengkel tue?.
1 word for it bosan! bluek! mmg bosan. u know what, dia ajar we all cara nk drag image ke progam photoshop,(wtf! sume org da taw about that la bro! haha) . satu lagi, dia ajar cara-cara basic meng-edit gmbr. OMG! mmg terkejut time tu. i thoughts its must be gempak gila babi. lol, lepas 2 too many students from other school. yeah, they look so much intelligent, but when i ask about multimedia or etc, they will said like this "sory i don't even know about it & i follow this program becaus im a it & multimedia groups at school only." what the hell, better xyah g kalo dunno everything right? menyemak je. fuh!

btw sempat ag snap pic before and after :)

sempat ag usha awek tgh tepon pakwe, buahahha !

no worries, im a camera WHORE !

you ellyn, !

SS'ing depan bus pun jadi lah !, wehe * fav pictures

skin diffrences, haha -jaga

4 PK crew selamanya :))

haha. kami kaki GAMBAR. with hakime & acap

adoik!tonchettt baik xyah g bengkel ni. skola tido.hostel tido.bengkel tido. so bila nk bgun?haha,

example on how to drag a picture to photoshop which the simplest &basic things lol.

ada juga la new thing i learn from it, how to clear ur skin. yang x leh tahan bile penceramah tu cakap yang banyak artis malaysia resquest him to buang jerawat dorang kat dlam gambar. lol, no wonder muka artis-artis kita bersih gila vavi. hahaha, kannttttooiiii!!
plus we got a pc book, i thought an photoshop book. argh! so much frustrating.
attention ; this is only a flashback 1thaugust.2008 post.


  1. dr g bengkel photoshop yg ntah pe2,bek g bengkel photography.
    br besh.

  2. tu r, baiik g bengkel photography je. haha :)