Want to make the person keep coming back for more ??
Well you turned to the right place for help!

Your date has been exceptionally great. All through the date you have received subtle hints to take that one step to let the hearts merge through the lips.Do you want to follow that lead or what?

Don't know if you kiss great? If you are a success at working up the chemistry that makes every kiss feel so great? Would she want to go on a date with you again and wish that it ended once more one a kiss and more?

Slay your doubts and read on, you are just about to let your babe experience the mind-blowing kiss she has otherwise just heard and read of!

The first and the most important step is to test the grounds you are venturing into. Lean close to the person, bordering just those couple of inches away form the kissing paradise, both of you have been conjuring in your minds. And if the person attention does not seem to deviate from your lips,
Moisten your lips with a casual flick of your tongue over them. Be careful that you don't make it look sleazy and obscene.
Brush your lips casually over hers. Attention: Avoid any other form of body contact at this point.
If you find the person eyes closing in response. now is the right time to deepen you kiss. Open your lips inviting a sensuous exploration. Remember this your first date, allow the person to take control so that you know what is really expected of you!
Encourage the person, by pulling the person ever so slightly closer. Return a kiss for a kiss, a caress for a caress.
.. And you are on the right path from here on! Where the date leads to from here on is entirely your doing!

Well sometimes there are those tricky situations where you know a kiss in unavoidable, but you just don't want to go for it.
Try some of the following and we guarantee your date is not going to turn around and look a second time!
drooling all over the mouth while kissing. Person don't like wet or sloppy kisses.
While kissing, you keep your lips stiff and rigid. If they are hard as a rock it will feel like kissing a rock to it.
Keeping your lips closed. a person don't enjoy kissing just a slit on a guys face.
Keeping your eyes open.
Groping around when you kiss. Just don't get too bold.

Hot tip: If you don't know how to kiss properly, I would suggest practicing on the back of your hand. Pretend that you are kissing a hot person that you're dying to become intimate with. You could also practice kissing yourself on the mirror.
In closing, if you really want to succeed with single person in the love and romance department, you must be a good kisser.